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Our scope of service possibilities are limitless. We cater to small or large buildings, private, corporate or municipality. We cater to small apartments all the way to large multi-level homes. AFS will get the job done and exceed your expectation. We guarantee the highest quality and ensure a superior level of cleanliness.  We offer all services incuding professional pressure washing to Hattiesburg, Purvis, Petal, Laurel, Ellisville, Columbia, McComb and many more cities and areas in-between.


We accept all methods of payment.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • One time service cleaning - We offer all service as regular maintenance or as a one-time service, as needed
  • Scheduled daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning - the more frequent the service, the better the value.  More cleans means less time needed per clean.  Less cleaning time means reduced cost. Your home or office will stay looking great!
  • Facade cleaning - We have specialized equipment and supplies that reach the hardest to get to areas.  These are the areas that collect dirt, dust, mold, dead insects and are eye soars over time. 
  • Glass and window cleaning with and without window frames - We take cleaning windows to a whole different level.  We use products that remove and repel the return of dirt and water spots. 
  • Graffiti removal - Graffiti can be embarrassing and often vulgar.  We act quickly to remove graffiti and can paint most surfaces if need be. 
  • Carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning - Keep your home or office looking and smelling its best by allowing us to disinfect and clean your softer surfaces in your home or business. 
  • Stairwell cleaning - Stairwells are often overlooked or thought by some to be too difficult to clean.  We address this on every clean and often clean them on hands and knees if necessary. 
  • Industrial and machine cleaning - We have some of the best power washing equipment available and clean equipment on site and over the weekends if necessary. 
  • Neon sign cleaning – Neon signs are fragile and must be handled with care.  We take every precaution to ensure they are cleaned properly and safely.
  • Construction site cleaning - No construction project is complete without a final deep cleaning to remove all construction dust and debris and polish all bright work to its shiniest potential.  
  • Our trustworthy We-Care attitude makes us the best choice every time.




Associated Facility Services stands for:


  • A comprehensive service portfolio
  • A company that can take care of every facility need you may have
  • Cleaning optimally adapted to your needs
  • Non-hazardous and environmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • Qualified, reliable and friendly personnel
  • All jobs are inspected by an owner of the company to ensure perfection
  • Rapid handling of questions that may arise


Would you like to request a particular service from us?


We will gladly build you a customized proposal.  Please call us at 601-467-5776 or use our contact form.

Special Offers

Maintenance cleaning: Regular and reliable


We will thoroughly clean your office building, your house or your apartment. We can work on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly schedule. We offer the following maintenance cleaning services:



  • Trash collection
  • Dusting
  • Custodial services
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Desks and cubicles
  • Clean and polished restrooms
  • Disinfection
  • Hard floor care
  • Carpet care
  • Exteriors
  • Elevated Window Cleaning
  • Window de-scaling and lime removal
  • Pressure Washing

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Please call us at: 601-467-5776 or use our contact form.


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